About Me!

I am Elisa, I am 26 and I am a PhD student. I come from the province of Treviso, in the north-east of Italy, just 15 km from Venice. I studied Molecular biology at university at had both my Bachelor and Master at university of Padova. During my studies I was student representative for three years. During my last year of Master I did my Erasmus period in Germany, to work on my experimental master thesis. I spent six wonderful months in the small city of Würzburg, in north of Bayern; working in a laboratory on tumour cell biology. But I also enjoyed my time in the city and made a lot of new friendships. During the last period of my Master I started searching for a PhD position abroad, to grow professionally but also to learn from another culture. I like very much the international environment present in the university and in the lab, comparison of many cultures and many languages. Moving to a completely new place for sure help in improving the problem solving and the adaptation capability. When I was searching for a PhD I sent many CV and presentation letters, during this time I did more than 5 Skype interviews and had more than 5 offers for PhD positions. Finally, I did an interview at the institute of clinical molecular biology of the university of Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein, the region at the really north of Germany. Here I decided to move together with my boyfriend and I started my PhD in March 2015. I am currently working on the immune repertoire in inflammatory bowel diseases.

Outside university I like reading, I love mountains and I am a mycology adept, I like both searching and eating mushrooms. One of my more important passions are animals, I really am a “dog person”, and an animal lover in general (but I don’t love spiders so much). I did few years of horse riding, and would like to start again with this wonderful activity. In my free time I like to go dancing Salsa with by boyfriend and my friends. I also like to organize little events as dinners, party and meeting, it comes natural to me and I really enjoy organizing things. Maybe it is because I am a control person, yes… I need to have everything under control, I like to have a plan, a schedule. Due to this fact I am able to be quite a dictator, and have the tendency of saying to other people what to do, but I like to see things being done properly. This doesn’t mean that I am not able to work with others, indeed I really enjoy a good work environment and I go along well with my colleagues; I think that collaboration is essential.

I didn’t travel so much in my life until now, but I would like to, there are many places that I would like to visit. First of all Egypt, I love ancient Egypt history indeed. But also Canada, Tibet, Kenya… and other places. I prefer natural destinations and scientific or natural museums in comparison to big cities and art galleries. I also like to define myself a Gastronomic tourist, indeed I absolutely am a food lover (Sushi and Japanese food are one of my great passions) and any new place it means new and strange food to try. So if someone wants to make me a gift, good food is often a safe choice... ;)

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